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Academic Committee

There is an Academic Committee made up of

  • Academic Officer
  • Tutor in-charge of Clinicals
  • Program Head
  • Secretary
  1. Prepares academic schedule with principal and tutors.
  2. Prepares tie-Table for the various courses with class tutors.
  3. Moderate examination questions and marking schemes at the end of 13th week.
  4. Prepares the Board Sheets for the NMC of Ghana.
  5. convenes marking conferences.
  6. Prepares for written examinations.
  7. Sees to issue regarding academics.
  8. Counseling of students.
  9. Preparing Clinical Orientation for students.

Quality Assuarance Team

  • Academic officer
  • The Second-in-Command (21C)
  • CSM
  • Accountant
  • SRC – President
  • House Keeper/Warden.
  1. Ensure security of the compound.
  2. Ensure sanitation at the hostel;, classrooms environment
  3. Sees to maintenance work in the school.

Disciplinary Committee

  • Parish Priest
  • Board Member.
  • GES Representative
  • Dean of Students
  • Tutor
  • SRC – President (Observer if it involves a student)
  1. Punishes students for misbehaving (Insubordinate)
  2. Gives suspension to students if necessary.
  3. Deals with disciplinary issues enshrined in the rules and regulations for students/staff.

Procurement Committee

  • The Principal Accountant
  • Principal
  • Hostel Warden
  • Tutor in-charge of food
  • Store – Keeper
  • Procurement Officer
  • Lawyer
  1. For planning, budgeting, purchasing of food stuff and other equipment etc.
  2. Responsible for staff/tutor welfare
  3. Ensuring maintenance of facilities and equipment’s
  4. Planning and provision of new infrastructure for the college in consultation with the Board

Stock-Taking Committee

  1. Taking stock of items purchased.
  2. Taking stock of items used/remaining

Food/Welfare Committee

  • Senior Accountant
  • Store – Keeper
  • Programme head
  • Tutor
  1. Planning, budgeting and purchasing of food.
  2. Feeding of students
  3. Sees to the welfare of students
  4. Periodic inspection of hostels
  5. Convenes food committee meetings

Protocol Committee

  • College Sergent Major (CSM)
  • Welfare committee chairperson
  • Tutor
  • Accountant
  1. Organizing functions eg. Matriculations, graduation etc. in the college.
  2. Receiving visitors


  • Tutor in-charge of transport
  • Accountant
  • Students in-charge of environment
  • Chief Driver
  1. See to the day to day movement and periodic maintenance of the vehicles
  2. Cleanliness of the entire school compound
  3. General maintenance of college machinery