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Students' Activities

Students' Representative Council (SRC)

  1. The college recognizes the Student Representative Council as the only legitimate representative organ of the student body.
  2. The council shall make representation to the authorities of the college on matters affecting the student body and the college as a whole.
  3. Matters affecting individual students and or classes shall be directed to the respective class tutors, counsellors and coordinators.
  4. The SRC shall be governed by a constitution promulgated by the principal.
  5. The SRC shall have patrons through whom all correspondence must be channelled.
  6. All students are required to FULLY participate in ALL SRC activities.
  7. Properties belonging to the SRC must be used ONLY for the purpose for which they are acquired or prescribed.

Student Associations

  • Students are free to form associations or clubs except where such associations or clubs will interfere in the peace and safety of the institution.
  • Application for the formation of a club/society should be forwarded to the Principal through the SRC. The application should state the name of the club or society, names of the founding members/officers and patrons. It should also include the constitution of the club or society and its proposed activities.
  • Every approved society/club must have a senior member of the school as its patron.
  • Before arrangements are made to invite guest speakers or artist from outside the college to address meetings or give entertainment, a formal written request must be made through the patron. No such invitation should be made until permission is granted by the Principal.
  • Societies/clubs whose activities contravene the rules and regulations of the school or breach the peace of the school shall be postponed or banned.

Skills Acquisition Laboratory

The college has two well-resourced skills laboratory for RGN and RM programmes. Students are taught practical lessons at these skills laboratories and also have the opportunity to practice skills taught.
  • All students should make effort to keep the skill laboratory tidy.
  • All equipment used should be kept at the appropriate places.
  • Any student who wants to borrow any equipment or model from the skills laboratory should go through the official procedure of borrowing.
  • All borrowed equipment/anatomical models should be returned at the appropriate time.

Ghana Nurses And Midwives Trainees Association/Students’ Representative Council, Ghana Association of Health Trainig Institutions (GAHTI) GNMTA/SRC

  • This is the official mouth piece of the student’s’ body.
  • It is a registered association with branches every Health Training Institution.
  • They handle students concerns that cannot be resolved by the group prefects.
  • Students are to maintain their membership by paying dues