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Official Channel of Communications

All students are expected to use the official channels of communication available in the college. Each year group has 2 senior prefects. They are the first line of information and grievance resolution. They should be given due respect. The second line is the SRC executives and then the CSM or class tutor.

Class Tutor

  • Each class is assigned a tutor
  • Students are to refer all unresolved concerns to their class tutor.
  • Class tutors are to meet their group on frequent basis to socialize with them and listen to their concerns.
  • They are to confer with the principal on behalf of their groups wherever necessary.

The College Sergeant Major (CSM)

He is responsible for all students’ affairs in the college. He works in collaboration with the group and resident tutors to ensure peace among students, finds solutions to student concerns, supervise the activities of the SRC and liaises between the management and students.

Hostel Tutor

Monitors the students in the hostels to ensure their safety and peaceful co-existence and to attend to emergencies. He/She is also to ensure that the hostel prefects are carrying out their responsibilities effectively.